Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

Jaw reduction is a cosmetic operation aimed at contouring the jaw. It is mainly done on women who feel that they jawline is too wide, which is considered to be rather manly. Some women go for surgical methods not knowing that there are non-surgical solutions to their problems. However, the nun surgical option is ideal for individuals with square jaws resulting from enlarged muscles. However, you also need to know that the results vary significantly depending on the individual.

Benefits of non-surgical jaw reduction

slim jaw

It is now possible to have a slimmer jaw without going for a surgical operation. This process requires some injection to be made on either side of the jaw thus making it smaller or less pronounced. The good thing about this operation is that the injection is completed in a matter of minutes. This non-invasive procedure that is often complete in a matter of minutes and there is no downtime as opposed to surgical methods.

Besides the suitability of non-surgical jaw reduction option, commonly referred to as Botox injections in cosmetics, it is also used in treating the temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). Ideally, this condition is characterized by grinding teeth, which also leads to persistent headaches. However, before administering this solution, the patient is often subjected to an extensive clinical examination to determine whether these injections are good for you.

Non-surgical jaw reduction costs

When choosing the best jaw slimming injections over surgical ones, costs are often major considerations. For a fact, non-surgical methods tend to be relatively cheaper only that the prices vary depending on the extent of the treatment. Thus, there is no standard price for these services. If you are planning to go for jaw reduction, the best way to know how much you will have to spend is to consult a specialist offers these services.

beautiful ladyIf this operation has any form of medical backing, you might have all costs settled by your insurance provider. For instance, if you are struggling with a condition like nasal obstruction or tooth grinding, you might be forced to turn to your insurance company to settle part or all costs incurred in this process.

The best way to achieve a slimmer jaw is to enlist the services of a facial contouring expert. As much as you might be looking for a solution to your jaw problem, recommendations given by the specialists will inform further actions. This involves a series of comprehensive physical examinations.