Gym Clothing Mistakes

Every event has its dressing code. If you have decided to start hitting the gym, you should be aware of the right clothing. Wearing the right clothes and the correct workout gear makes the difference between an enjoyable workout session and one hour of total stress. This article will discuss some of the things you should never wear at the gym. Read on.

Wear moisture wicking clothes

wicking pantsThese are clothes designed to keep perspiration away from your body. By this I mean, they draw sweat away from your body, your sweat will not be dripping all over. This makes you comfortable throughout the workout session. Such clothing is made from a blend of Lycra and polyester. They are more expensive compared to the regular cotton, but they will keep you comfortable, last longer and dry faster. Avoid wearing heavyweight cotton t-shirts at all cost. They hold on to moisture and will make you very uncomfortable. Always carry your towel.

Wear fitting clothes

Avoid oversize clothing at all means. They will limit and distract your functionality in the gym. If you are a Medium size, please stay away from XL. Loose clothes will make you look smaller and constrict your movement. mens gym bottoms are among the wrongly worn gears in terms of size. You should not choose too tight clothes either. The right description of the clothes you should put on is fitting. Comfortable but not tight. Fitting clothing gives you the aesthetic appeal. Your curves and muscles will be correctly displayed.

Avoid fragrance or cologne in the gym

Why put on a spray when going to the gym? If your perfume is too strong, it might annoy the rest. Thinking of it from another angle, you will be wasting your cologne because you will sweat and hit the shower after the workout. Your perfume plus sweat will most likely induce headaches. Thinking of it, it will be insensitive and inconsiderate to people who are sensitive to smell. On top of that, your gym clothes should be washed on a daily basis.

Leave jewelry at home

men cotton pantsJewelry is not only unnecessary but unsafe in the gym. Some of us have only one accessory to take off, that is a wedding ring. The point here is, whatever jewelry you have, bracelets, watches, rings, chains should be taken off. Other than hurting yourself, chances of damaging the jewelry itself are high. Make it a habit of taking off your jewelry and leaving them in your locker at home before going to the gym.